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Rufus the floral dog

having a drink of Moet

One of our most memorable creations was a 4ft floral dog made entirely of polaris chysanthemums.

It was inspired by the great Preston Bailey’s floral characters except that ours was made out of real flowers, rather than silk flowers.

for those interested in statistics:  it was made of  3 oasis spheres plus lots and lots of oasis bricks and bamboo sticks for central support.  pot tape supported it all rather than chicken wire. 

used 40 bunches of polaris Chryssies.

7 hours to make the dog and 9 hours to put the chryssies on.

We donated the puppy to Ronald McDonald House at Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick.  There were a lot of very very happy children that day!! 

will be a hard act to follow!! but we can do it.  thinking about what to do for them for Christmas.  santa?


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