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Another win for Kavelle Flowers


We love you NikkiNikki's specialty - submerged flowers

Nikki, our junior florist from Thailand, came third in the Interflora TAFE cup today.

Nikki first came to our studio two years ago and begged me for an opportunity to work and learn in our studio. 

I am unbelievably proud of her as she has worked really hard to learn all there is about floristry – and her wiring is second to none.

Great stuff Nikki.

Melissa also competed and, although she didn’t win a place, I still think she is a winner to have had the courage to compete – it was her first competition and she was competing against students many years her senior.

I am very very proud of both of them.

4 thoughts on “Another win for Kavelle Flowers

  1. Great stuff Nikki!

    Congratulations on winning third place!!

    xo Jerrica

  2. Congratulations Nikki!!

    That is awesome News !!

    xo Jerrica

  3. Wow!! Congratulations Nui chan…
    beautyfull fiowers !!
    Great !!

    I”m so happy, too.
    Miss you……. Yuuki

  4. Congratulations.
    I love your work.

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