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Royal Zara Phillips Wedding Bouquet


Callas, thistle and dusty miller for Zara's wedding bouquet

Zaras posy wedding bouquet

Zaras Phillips carried a large, handtied posy bouquet for her wedding to Mike Tindall.  The wedding flowers were white calla lilies, Scottish thistle, singapore orchids, gypsophilah (or baby’s breath) and dusty miller.

The Scottish thistle was a tribute to Scotland, where the wedding took place.

The blues of the thistle and dusty miller matched the waistbands of the bridesmaids.

Zara Phillips Bridal bouquet

Zara Phillips wedding and posy flower bouquet

6 thoughts on “Royal Zara Phillips Wedding Bouquet

  1. Is it thistle or sea holly?

    • Hi Jayne,
      Zara carried Scottish thistle as a tribute to Scotland, where she was married.

      Sea holly is a thistle-like flower that is sometimes used in Australia when true Scottish thistle is not available.

      Have a great day,

  2. I am a florist and a farmer, That is not scotch thistle its Erngium x zabelii a sea holly. A quick goggle search of scotch thistle will show you what they look like.

    • Hi clare,
      You are SO right. I couldn’t see the precise flower at the time and was relying on tabloid photos and reportage

      Official photos with flower closeups have now been released and I will download them onto my blog with accurate descriptions.

      Btw, I have also written to Zaras florist asking why he used sea holly rather than Scottish thistle.

  3. Isn’t that Lily of the Valley rather than Gypsohila??? There is Hydrangea in there too.

    • Hi Sarah and all others that have commented

      When I wrote the blog I was relying on tabloid photographs and reports. Official photos have now been released and I will download them and correctly identify all flowers

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