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Rolls Royce floral style

The Rolls Royce of Flowers

Kavelle Flowers delivers flowers to Randwick and all surrounding Eastern suburbs.  We also specialise in wedding flowers and corporate events.

 My name is Tania Waterhouse and I own the Kavelle Flowers.

My late husband Les purchased Kavelle Flowers over 30 years ago. Les was a well loved florist with an international reputation – he won gold for Australia in the International Flower Competition held in Montreal and had a long list of foreign clients who he travelled the world with. He was admired and loved by the floral community for his inspirational floral ability and, most of all, always having kindly advice and encouragement for those less experienced. His passing was a very very sad loss to us all.

I have had a long association with floristry as my parents have owned a successful florist business in Canberra for almost 25 years. However I am a lawyer by profession and still practise.

When my husband passed away suddenly I decided to continue the business as his legacy. There have been lots of bumps along the way, but I feel Les would be very proud of what I have achieved since his passing.

In the last two years we have added names like the Emirates Airline, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, KerriAnne Good Morning Show and Floriade to our client list and the list keeps growing.

And, most exciting, we regularly do product call-outs for Cosmopolitan Bride so our bridal flowers and bouquets is featured in every edition. Our florists love it all.

If our florist was a car, it would be a rolls-royce.


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